Once upon a time, the ‘old ways’ of families included an essential factor of generations living, growing and aging together in the same house. Multigenerational Families served the care and teaching needs of the many young children that couples would produce and gave support to the aging elders of the family. Many cultures still hold generational households as a central value in their structure.

Americans gave up the large family unit trend as we became the Land of Opportunity and acquired mobility. America trended to smaller number of births, higher income and education as well as love of space and independence.

As our economy has morphed, we have increased our longevity, the cost of living and retiring. Elders living with their younger familial generations is once again becoming an answer to the Boomers taking care of their aging parents and elders by bringing them geographically closer to live.

This solution can relieve much stress and lower the cost of aging by either moving the elders into the boomer household, adding on an in-law apartment, purchasing a small ranch type house very nearby or selling both homes and purchasing a 2 family.

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About the Author
Linda Wyman

Linda Wyman has lived and worked in Maine for Maine folks ‘forever’! She grew up in Westbrook and graduated from USM with a BA in Sociology.
She has raised 2 children and now has a grandson.
Linda has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years and specifically in mortgages for the last 6 years. Linda was a Nationally Certified Moving Consultant for 12 years, working with seniors and their families, helping them to downsize, move in with family, move to another state and retirement facilities.
“I enjoy working with people to help them find the best solution to their needs.”