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Vogel & Dubois is a Portland law firm that has been focusing on Elder Law in Maine since 1994. They specialize in helping older members of our community, their families and those planning for aging and retirement. They provide estate and financial planning, long-term care planning, and quality legal representation. Their attorneys know the legal and financial tools necessary to ensure successful aging and retirement. They work with a variety of elder-focused professionals to create comprehensive strategies for aging. Vogel & Dubois is dedicated to our most precious asset – our elders.

Helping Older Persons and Their Families
Face the Challenges of Aging

Quality Legal Representation

  • Probate
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Government Benefits Law (Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare)
  • Health & Long-Term Care Insurance

Helping Your Parents, whether You Live
Nearby or Are “From Away”

Many of Vogel & Dubois’ clients are independent elders. However, some adult children may be looking for an attorney to assist them with their parents’ affairs. Whether you are from Maine or “from away,” Vogel & Dubois is well equipped to assist clients who need to work with their parents on implementing a financial or long-term care plan. Many children want to help, but live far away or do not have sufficient time to devote to the extensive tasks involved in financial and long-term care planning for an aging or disabled parent.

Vogel & Dubois can help. Please contact them to discuss the many services they offer and the professionals they work with when children and their parents are working together to establish financial and long-term care plans. They are available in the office Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, and are also available for home visits and weekend appointments upon request.

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Fax: (207) 761-6946

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