By Debra L. Richard, CLU

The Personal Financial Assistant is a local personal service company. We help older adults in Southern Maine to maintain their independence by managing their day-to-day finances and assisting family caregivers and estate executors through life transitions.

The Personal Financial Assistant can organize bills and records, reconcile financial statements, help manage monthly income and expenditures, monitor budgets, track insurance claims and tax records, research unclaimed property, sort incoming mail, complete forms and notarize documents, among other services.

Owner Debra L. Richard, CLU of Old Orchard Beach knows that in today’s complex and fast-paced world, it may be difficult to keep up with the myriad forms and documents that go hand and hand with an individual’s or family’s active, independent lifestyle. Deb has worked in the financial services industry for 35 years and is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. She was employed by Northern New England Financial Services for the past nine years and previously represented Prudential Financial for 26 years. Her business is built on a substantial portfolio of services she can provide to older adults, family caregivers and estate executors to make the financial part of their lives less stressful.

The Personal Financial Assistant works in concert with other professionals, such as your lawyer, broker, financial planner, accountant or social worker, to facilitate such tasks as accurate record-keeping, timely bill paying, and explaining complex medical and insurance billing statements to clients or their caregivers. To learn more about the services of The Personal Financial Assistant or to schedule a free initial consultation with Deb Richard, call 207-934-5125 or visit

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